Kendall Haven

Story Consultant / Author / Master Storyteller

The first-ever scientific proof that "story structure" is an information delivery system powerhouse, evolutionarily hardwired into human brains.

27 fiction & nonfiction books with 300 original stories totaling 1,000,000 words.

15,000 stories to 3,000,000 children
and 800,000 adults.

writing and storytelling
workshops to 270,000
students and 40,000 teachers.


Story consultant Kendall Haven is a nationally recognized expert on the structure of stories and on the Eight Essential Elements that form the foundation of all successful narratives. Haven’s acclaimed book, STORY PROOF: The Science Behind the Startling Power of Story presents the first-ever proof that “story structure” is an information delivery system powerhouse, evolutionarily hardwired into human brains.

For 100,000 years, humans have relied on story structure to archive and to communicate key history, knowledge, facts, beliefs, concepts, and attitudes. Evidence Haven gathered from 16 fields of scientific research (neural biology, developmental psychology, neural linguistics, clinical psychology, cognitive sciences, information theory, neural net modeling, education theory, knowledge management theory, anthropology, organization theory, narratology, medical science, narrative therapy, and, of course, storytelling and writing) has shown that this has evolutionarily rewired human brains to automatically think, understand, and remember through stories. Applying the science of story is the key to the art of effective communication for anyone who needs to inform, inspire, or educate.

A senior research scientist turned story-teller and story-engineer, Haven assists agencies, organizations, companies, and schools to master the use and power of story.

A senior research scientist turned award-winning author, speaker, master storyteller, and nationally recognized consulting expert on the structure and use of story, Haven has authored 30 books, performed for world-wide audiences of over 4 million, and has lead acclaimed writing workshops with over 40,000 teachers, 6,000 professionals, and 270,000 students.

Every organization has stories they need to tell—stories about important concepts, causes, groups of people, ideas, or about the organization, itself. Haven has uncovered the scientific proof that lies behind the power of effective stories and has developed a unique process that guides client organizations to define, discover, and craft their vital messages into effective story structures that will improve the success of their communications and widen and deepen the impact of their key messages.

• Boeing Corp.—DARPA 2012 Narrative Networks Research Project
• Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
• NASA Earth Science Division
• U. S. Navy
• National Park Service
• Jet Propulsion Laboratory
• Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems, International
• Northrop Grumman Corp., Space Science Division
• Storm Center Communications
• International Storytelling Center
• U.S. Special Operations Command
• Department of Defense
• Mountain States Health Alliance
• United Way America
• American Cancer Society of California
• 235 School Districts worldwide
• 23 Universities in the U.S. and Taiwan

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