Kendall Haven

Story Consultant / Author / Master Storyteller

2016 Highlights

1. 1/​12 Keynote 2016 AAU (Association of American Universities) winter conference. (Phoenix, AZ)
2. 1/​26. Workshop and consulting help for Maricopa County Assessorís Office senior staff at their annual meeting. (Phoenix, AZ)
3. 2/​11. (((NAVY))) Workshop presentation and story design consulting. Norfolk, VA.)
4. 3/​18 & 6/​10-11. Chief of Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group (CNO SSG) Story design presentation and workshops. Newport, RI
5. 4/​14. Guest lecturer, Arizona State University, Graduate Business Management Program (Park Howell)
6. San Francisco Presidio Trust. Stories of the Presidio
7. 4/​29 Guest Lecturer, California College of the Arts (CCA) Marketing and Design Dept.
8. May, 2016. ABC-CLIO Featured author of the month.
9. 5/​13 Conference Keynote. Alchemy 2016: Storytelling for NonProfit Corporations, Richmond VA.
10. 5/​26. Guest Lecturer, University of Southern California USC) School of Business
11. 6/​14-16 Featured Presenter Institute For The Future (IFTF) Conference, Media is Everything. Palo Alto, CA
12. 7/​XX. Featured Presenter and Mission Controller Workshop. Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), Pasadena, CA.
13. Custom Webinar series for American Association of Universities (AAU), Washington DC.
14. 9/​30 Keynote Univ of Missouriís Medical Ethics Conference, Columbia, Missouri
15. 10/​20. Featured presenter at the ABL-X Global Conference, Palo Alto, CA

Current Clients
AAU, Presidio Trust, CGS, GreenAcres, Aramco, Singapore Mil