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Amazing American Women

Forty incredible stories of great American heroines we all should know. A Storytelling World Silver Award winner. Libraries Unlimited, 1995. Grade 4 & up. 302 Pages. $25.50

"An intimate and thought-provoking book. Recommended."
-The Book Report

"The stories of women's lives are often missing from the lessons of history. The engaging stories in this book help to remedy that omission. What I most appreciated in reading the stories of these women's lives is the sense of joy and the possibility of making one's life better. These are important stories filled with the human experience of the joy of discovery, success, and achievement. These stories give us the inspiration to create our own daring lives."
-Molly Murphy MacGregor, Executive Director and co-founder of the National Women's History Project

"Haven has written this informative, easy-to-read text on the accomplishments of women ranging from Pocahontas in 1607 to baseballers Maria Pepe and Margaret Gisolo in 1973. This book is the cure for those can't-find-no-gals-who-got-it blues. Give it to your sons and daughters, but read it yourself first."
-The Sonoma County Independent