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(Multiple Book Discounts Available)

STORY SMART: Using the Science of Story to Persuade, Influence, Inspire, and Teach

Harness the power of stories by learning the techniques behind impactful stories and effective communications. Libraries Unlimited. Adult. 174 Pages. $40.00

STORY PROOF: The Science Behind the Startling Power of Story

The first-ever scientific proof that “story structure” is an information delivery system powerhouse, evolutionarily hardwired into human brains. Using evidence gathered from 16 fields of science research (neural biology, developmental psychology, neural linguistics, clinical psychology, cognitive sciences, information theory, neural net modeling, education theory, knowledge management theory, anthropology, organization theory, narratology, medical science, narrative therapy, and, of course, storytelling and writing) STORY PROOF presents the overwhelming evidence that human minds naturally—automatically—perceive in specific story terms, understand and create meaning through specific story elements, and remember and recall in and through story structures. Libraries Unlimited. Adult. 164 Pages. $35.00

We have been hearing recently about the trend away from narrative fiction as the choice of a new generation....Haven comes at us with the most articulate defense of story as an essential element in education....He looks at the tradition and examines the research behind story to make his major point that we cannot ignore this genre and that we do so at the peril of effective teaching and powerful teaching strategies....In the face of drill-and-kill reading programs, Haven reminds us that story can be and is as powerful as ever. Bottom line: This is a good read. A powerful reminder. Thanks, Kendall.
-Teacher Librarian

WRITING WORKOUTS to Develop Common Core Writing Skills: Step-by-Step Exercises, Activities, and Tips for Student Success, Grades 7–12

These proven writing approaches will help you enhance student performance in the classroom and help your class meet common core standards. Libraries Unlimited. Grades 7-12. 121 Pages. $42.00

WRITING WORKOUTS to Develop Common Core Writing Skills: Step-by-Step Exercises, Activities, and Tips for Student Success, Grades 2–6

These proven-effective, science-based activities will develop the writing skill and "mental muscles" students need in order to meet or exceed the Common Core Standards of performance. Libraries Unlimited. Grades 2-6. 133 Pages. $42.00


Each year, our electricity demands increase with the proliferation of devices that all depend on electricity—computers, cell phones, microwave ovens, electric cars, home entertainment. However, the industry that generates electricity in the United States is the single greatest polluter and source of greenhouse gases. Which green technologies can meet our expanding needs for power? Libraries Unlimited. Grades K-12. 175 Pages. $35.00


With coauthor MaryGay Ducey. A practical, no-nonsense guide for using your natural oral abilities to select, learn, and tell stories. Written for librarians, but universally applicable in its approach and concepts, the book includes sections on all major storytelling "extras" from flannel boards to costumes to audience participation. Libraries Unlimited. Adult, 119 Pages. $30.00

“Here is a short, easy-to-use guide, which can even be used as a text for storytelling classes. Highly recommended for teachers, teacher-librarians, and public librarians."-Teacher Librarian

"This is the most user-friendly handbook for librarians who seek the tools, resources, and the confidence to incorporate more storytelling into their programming....Haven and Ducey excel in giving the hand-holding, step-by-step encouragement needed by new tellers as they make the leap from reading aloud to telling.....An essential purchase."-School Library Journal
Available in Portuguese, Chinese and Korean


Descriptions of the science discoveries that have defined the flow of human development. Each entry includes the history that led to this discovery, the process of its discovery, and its impact on later generations of scientists and science exploration. Libraries Unlimited.
Grades 6 and up. 272 Pages. $35.00.

“This is a winner and you will want to "book talk" it for your science teachers as soon as your copy arrives. Helping them integrate this content into their curriculum will help make science more important to students who might be less interested."-GALE Reference for Students

“A most useful supplemental resource for students of the history of science."-School Library Journal
Available in Chinese


Descriptions of how each of these critical inventions came to be as well as its effect on our modern lives. ach entry includes details on the inventor and the processes by which they reached these history-altering inventions. Libraries Unlimited. Grades 4 and up. 360 Pages. $42.00.

“A highly readable overview of scientific thought and invention from 250 BC to the present. Highly recommended for public and school libraries." -VOYA

"This straightforward guide to a fascinating field will be welcome in both school and young adult collections."-Lawrence Looks at Books

“This engaging work...is a good resource."-School Library Journal


An engrossing look at 16 major science mysteries scientists still argue about today—from time travel to the existence ghosts, from faster-than-light travel to ancient Atlantis. Each section includes both a fascinating story and a summary of what scientists really know. Fulcrum.
Grades 4 and up. 256 Pages. $20.00.

WONDERS OF THE LAND: Merging Earth Myth with Earth Science

An introduction to Earth Science through the eyes of traditional myth. Each concept of how the land is formed and changed is introduced through myth that is then compared with current science knowledge. Libraries Unlimited. Grades 4 and up. 240 Pages. $32.00.

"The writing is clear and easy....Imaginative schoolteachers will love this book, for it challenges the art of teaching. Both myth and science are viewed as a part of human thought." -SB&F
Available in Thai

WONDERS OF THE SEA: Merging Ocean Myth with Ocean Science

Ancient civilizations explained ocean phenomena through myth. How were the seas created? Why are they salty? Why are there waves and tides? Why do mammals live in the seas? This fascinating book uses the knowledge of modern science to assess the wisdom of a dozen of these ancient ocean myths. Teacher Ideas Press. Grades 3-9. 200 Pages. $32.00

"Storytelling in the science classroom and science in the library's storytelling--this is a perfect guide to join literature with science by a master storywriter and storyteller. Highly Recommended." -Teacher Librarian
Includes Student Activities CD.

GET IT WRITE!: Creating Lifelong Writers from Expository to Narrative

Change the way your students write forever. Detailed directions, student worksheets, and discussion guides for 77 proven, powerful in-class activities guaranteed to teach students how to create effective, gripping content for any style of assigned narrative writing from stories to persuasive essays, from personal narratives to expository assignments. Heinemann. Grades 3-8. 232 Pages. $42.00

"I loved it and so do my students! Writing has never been this easy."-Melissa Taylor, Writing Mentor Teacher, Palmyra, MO

"A great resource for our 4th and 5th grade teachers! It fills a gap in our teaching we've never been able to fill before."
-Mary Murphy, Vice Principal, DeBarry, FL

"Real tools that make sense to my students. Their writing and enthusiasm for writing are both dramatically improving."
-Candace Matlock, Middle School Teacher, Las Vegas, NV

ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL: Inventor and Visionary

Who invented the metal detector? Light-optic (fiberoptic) communications? The audio meter and the decibel sound scale? The flat record and record needle? Whose airplane (unmanned) was the first to fly? The answer to each question is Alexander Graham Bell, famed inventor of the telephone. This book, Haven’s first biography, reveals the turmoil, loss, and triumphs of Bell’s extraordinary life. Franklin Watts. Grades 4-9. 125 Pages. $28.00

VOICES OF THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR: Stories of the Men, Women, and Children Who Lived Through the War Between the States

27 thrilling, historically-accurate stories from home front to battlefield, from Eastern Seaboard to dust-choked far west. Libraries Unlimited.
Grades 4 & up. 348 Pages. $38.00

"Each selection is preceded by an overview of story-specific events and a short biographical sketch of the actual person. Follow-up questions and activities are excellent." -School Library Journal

VOICES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION: Stories of the Men, Women, and Children who Forged Our Nation

30 gripping, historically-accurate stories reveal the rich drama and desperate struggle of our war for independence. Libraries Unlimited.
Grades 4 & up. 325 Pages. $38.00

"In this 365-page compendium, Kendall Haven explodes the textbook myths of the American Revolution. This is a remarkable history of the war as well as a soul-searching collection of stories. These people had lives, loves, homes, businesses, children, hopes and personalities. Haven is careful, though, not to preach. He leads us into their heads. As an educational and research resource, this book is faultless."-Patchwork Newsletter

"Following the National History Standards, these stories represent diverse and often overlooked viewpoints of women, slaves, pacifists, children and Native Americans, as well as those of Patriots and Loyalists. Through fictionalized dialogue and historically-based action, the tales give readers a rich sense of what it was like to live in those chaotic times and a deeper understanding of the birth of our nation."-Curriculum Review


16 heart-pounding stories of encounters with major natural predators. Libraries Unlimited. Grades 4 & up. 170 Pages. $21.00

"This book is a perfect reference not only for teachers introducing the concept of ecosystems but also for teachers who see great value in storytelling across the curriculum. Recommended."-Book Report

"It isn't often that I pick up a book to review and find a great writing style as well as captivating content. Each well-written story begins with information about the animal or insect and sets the stage for a short story of its struggle as a prey or a predator. The book has a myriad of uses in the classroom. The stories are accurate, are colorful, and clearly demonstrate the interdependency of creatures of nature. They are also 'kid friendly' and provide questions that almost compel one to think about bigger issues, such as the balance of nature or the order of the food chain. Every story has well-defined sequence and highlights cause-and-effect relationships. This book is an excellent resource for the classroom teacher."
- Featured in the Editor's Choice of Science Books and Films

"The author is an extraordinary storyteller and readers of all ages will appreciate this book. Students will be spellbound by these stories as teachers read them. What a unique way to teach science! Highly recommended for a scientific and literary audience."
-Appraisal: Science Books for Young People

NEW YEAR'S TO KWANZAA: Stories of Celebration

Be a part of 36 celebrations from around the world and around the calendar. Vivid, original, historically accurate renditions of each celebration. Fulcrum Publishers. Grade 3 & up. 240 Pages. $17.50

"Now grade 3-8 classrooms can share 31 tales to mark cultural celebrations and holidays, thanks to New Year's to Kwanzaa: Original Stories of Celebration. Each story tries to create a sense of what it feels like to participate in a particular celebration, describing its history and the people who observe it. Penned by professional storyteller Kendall Haven, each story includes discussion questions and development information for the celebrations. The book spreads out stories evenly throughout every month of the year, representing major U.S. cultures and religions and including historical events, myths and ledgends.-CurriculumReview


Fifty thrilling historically-accurate stories of the great moments in our science heritage. A Storytelling World Silver Award winner. Libraries Unlimited. Grade 3 & up. 238 Pages. $30.00

"Excellent lead-in and follow-up ideas. This is a good book. It is so useful, so teacher-friendly, so full of lesson-plan material that it would be a good addition to any school or class resource center/library."
-Appraisal: Science Books for Young People

"If you are looking for a creative way to enliven your school's science curriculum, this is the book for you. They are perfect for introducing or extending a specific science concept. Haven paints a well-balanced portrait of scientific discovery through the inclusion of men and women scientists from different cultures. A wonderful tool to inject new life and excitement into the study of science, this book is a winner."
-School Library Journal


Forty incredible stories of great American heroines we all should know. A Storytelling World Silver Award winner. Libraries Unlimited.
Grade 4 & up. 302 Pages. $25.50

"An intimate and thought-provoking book. Recommended."-The Book Report

"The stories of women's lives are often missing from the lessons of history. The engaging stories in this book help to remedy that omission. What I most appreciated in reading the stories of these women's lives is the sense of joy and the possibility of making one's life better. These are important stories filled with the human experience of the joy of discovery, success, and achievement. These stories give us the inspiration to create our own daring lives."
-Molly Murphy MacGregor, Executive Director and co-founder of the National Women's History Project

"Haven has written this informative, easy-to-read text on the accomplishments of women ranging from Pocahontas in 1607 to baseballers Maria Pepe and Margaret Gisolo in 1973. This book is the cure for those can't-find-no-gals-who-got-it blues. Give it to your sons and daughters, but read it yourself first."-The Sonoma County Independent
Available in Korean


Historical stories about significant moments in the development of western math. Libraries Unlimited. Grades 4-10. 173 Pages. $28.00

"Haven's background as a professional storyteller and scientist lends to the mastery of the tales he weaves. The stories are exciting and will appeal to the curiosity of middle school students. Each chapter presents an intriguing tale of mathematical innovation. This would be a good book to read aloud or to introduce mathematical concepts. Highly Recommended." -Library Talk

"The author presents middle school teachers and students with stories that connect mathematics to real people whose speech and related events bring mathematics to life. This book should be included in any middle school library." -Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School

Teacher & Classroom Resources

SUPER SIMPLE STORYTELLING: A Can-Do Guide for Every Classroom Every Day

A fun, detailed, step-by-step system for learning, telling and using stories for every teacher and across the curriculum. Libraries Unlimited.
All levels. 229 Pages. $28.00

"Haven gives the reader the anatomy of a story, and vividly demonstrates the power behind words. His easy-to-read style alone makes the reader want to become a better storyteller. Recommended."-Library Talk

"As a person who would not be considered an effective storyteller by any stretch of the imagination, the information presented and the accompanying exercises, techniques, and concepts actually made me more comfortable as a storyteller. Teachers at all grade levels, and other professionals who wish to use storytelling, will find this book to be a valuable resource."-Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy
Available in Chinese

WRITE RIGHT! Creative Writing Using Storytelling Techniques

A breakthrough system for teaching creative writing. Includes detailed directions for almost 40 classroom writing exercises. Libraries Unlimited.
All Levels. 240 Pages. $30.00

"Teachers and librarians who have been searching for an innovative way to teach creative writing to students in grades 1-12 need this book. Haven provides in-depth coverage of the problems students commonly have with writing (as both they and their teachers perceive them); a detailed realistic approach to creating stories; editing techniques; and 38 well-planned classroom activities to teach all levels of students how to write creatively. Excellent cross-references in the index add to the usefulness of this title. Highly Recommended."-Book Report

"The author approaches this difficult subject with the mind of a storyteller and describes step-by-step how to better instruct students in the creative writing process. Each classroom activity includes key concepts to be taught, appropriate grade levels, required time, goals, options and variations, and teaching points to emphasize. This is a title you won't want to miss. Highly Recommended."-Library Talk

WRITE RIGHT! Video Workshops

This five-video sequential series of student writing workshops based on Haven's award-winning book, Write Right!, shows the specific application of Haven's techniques filmed "live" with a 5th grade class. Grades 3-9. $10 Each, Set: $30


A doubly powerful combination: readers theater scripts of great moments in the development of western science and detailed directions for experiments to duplicate the work of real scientists. A Storytelling World Silver Award winner. Libraries Unlimited. Grade 4 & up. 227 Pages. $26.00

"This unusual approach to science is well worth trying with middle and primary to lower secondary students. Interested teachers could do no better than use this text for their initial efforts. The scripts are lively, the scientific concepts are developed clearly, and the characters are true to depictions in respected biographical sources. Haven's writing is always clear and stimulating. Highly recommended."-Australian Library Review

"Highly Recommended."-The Book Report

"This is an excellent resource for teachers and students. It is recommended as a highly motivational supplement to stimulate interest in learning science for students ages nine to fourteen."-Appraisal: Science Books for Young People


Fascinating true stories from the history of science and the detailed directions for science follow-on activities to demonstrate and support core science curriculum concepts. Libraries Unlimited. Grades 2-5. 155 Pages. $24.50

"One of the Best Books for Children..." -Science Books and Films

"This very excellent book, designed for educators of elementary school children, should make the teaching of science fun for students and their teachers. The exciting format of this book revolves around fascinating stories of well known scientists and their discoveries. Physical sciences, biological sciences, and earth sciences are represented in the thirteen stories. Many kinds of easy-to-do activities and demonstrations are listed and carefully described to enable the educator to fully utilize the teachings in the story. Motivation and education will surely result from the use of this book. This will be a most useful and enjoyable resource for the educator teaching science to children at the second through fifth grade level."-Colorado Libraries

"The stories engage the reader/listener through the use of dialogue and clear focus on just one vignette from each scientist's life. They are delightfully written and are accessible as stories told or read to students, or even read by the students themselves. Excellent support materials accompany each story. This is a must-have for schools and home educators, and a boon for storytellers who are looking for ways to help educators make use of storytelling across the curriculum. Highly recommended."-The Second Story Review


With coauthor Roni Berg. 300 reproducible bookmarks filled with fascinating science/math information and dynamic graphics. Libraries Unlimited. Grades 1-6. 125 Pages. $29.00.

"This new resource contains 300 handsome reproducible bookmarks that combine intriguing science questions and facts with bold, eye-catching graphics. A great learning tool for educators and students, the bookmarks are a fun way to promote science and math."-Curriculum Administrator

"The book provides a fascinating range of readily accessible scientific facts that cover three major areas of science and mathematics. The facts are presented in a provocative manner predicated by a series of questions. A valuable addition to the book is the index section that lists and cross-references topics covered on each page."-Appraisal: Science Books for Young People


With coauthor Donna Clark. Biographical sketches
and professional paths of successful 20th Century scientists. Physical, earth and life sciences are represented. Libraries Unlimited.
Grades 5-12. 550 Pages. $68.00

"The authors have done an excellent job in introducing a variety of scientists to younger readers. This work is unique in its simplified explanations both of each scientist's achievements and of the breath of disciplines displayed by the 100 biographies that make up the work. I recommend the book highly."
-Science Books and Films

"The information is accurate and presented in a lively style that encourages the reader to browse after getting the information originally sought. Recommended." -Book Report

Fiction Books & Tapes


The chapter book version of Haven’s most popular, award-winning performance story. Follow Jimmy and Jason through a series of roller-coaster adventures as their father’s bedtime stories begin to come true. You’ll laugh, you’ll howl. But you’ll never stop turning the pages. (Also on Neighborhood Magic, audio cassette and MP3 download). Ages 8 & up. 83 pages. $6.00

MP3 Download Available. Book Out of Print.


The hilarious farce adventure of everyone's favorite basement-dwelling terrors. Book/tape combo taken from Haven's wildly popular performance story.
MP3 Download Available


ALA Journal recommendation. 60 minutes. Ages: 10 & up. Audio Cassette Tape: $10.00

"Haven's rich voice and expressive delivery combine the authority of maturity with the wonder and enthusiasm of youth in a credible and engaging narrative. A delightful and insightful production for parents and an entertaining one for younger listeners." -Booklist
MP3 Download Available


At last, truths about the dinosaurs we have all been
so anxious to hear. 60 minutes. Ages: 4-12. Audio Cassette Tape: $10.00
MP3 Download Available


An American Library Association (ALA)
"Best of the Best" selection. 60 minutes. Ages: 6 & up. Audio Cassette Tape: $10.00

"Pure fun, this tape's two original stories capture a child's imagination and belief in the magic of the ordinary. Excellent engrossing characterizations. The results are funny and scary at times but always captivating. An unusual treat." -Booklist
MP3 Download Available


Stories of three young heroic characters, 60 minutes. Ages: 4-12. Audio Cassette Tape: $10.00
MP3 Download Available


The Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Silver Award
winner, honorable mention at the New York International Radio Festival, and selected for ALA's "Best of the Best." Six half-hour thrilling radio-drama episodes on three audio cassettetapes. Children's Television Resource and Education Center, 1993. Ages: 8 & up. 3-Tape Set: $18.00

"Language arts teachers will find this tape a humorous, but thought-provoking, vehicle for discussing with preteens what television does to them and to our world. Excellent audio quality, musical background, and sound effects will make classroom listening an enjoyable experience." -Booklist