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The research is clear and compelling, and is supported by Kendall Haven’s extensive in-class experience working with 40,000 teachers and 270,000 students in 1,100 schools.

If you want:
• Improved student reading comprehension,
• Improved student ability to plan and to create informative and persuasive expository essays,
• Improved student creative writing performance,
• Increased student enthusiasm for, and confidence in, their writing,

then you need the story-based concepts and processes Haven has developed.

A senior research scientist turned award-winning author and master storyteller, Kendall Haven has become a recognized expert on the structure of stories, on the process of writing, and on the use of story structure in all aspects of education.

More than just a master storyteller, more than just a published author…Haven offers schools a unique, expert understanding of the structure and process of creative (story) and expository writing, the performance ability to powerfully demonstrate that form, and the workshop know-how to successfully teach it to students, faculty, and parents.


Combining research from 16 fields of science, Haven uncovered the first-ever scientific proof that story structure is evolutionarily hardwired into human brains. From birth, humans automatically make sense, understand, comprehend, and remember through stories. Story is how we humans think!

Story structure lies at the heart of learning and teaching. Haven’s research identified the Eight Essential Elements that define effective story structure. Haven’s in-school programs are designed to help students master those elements and their application to both improved reading comprehension and to creative and expository writing.

The services Haven routinely provides to schools are designed to support and meet state and federal Language Arts standards and include:
• Student Writers Workshops (Creative and Expository Writing)
• Proven Writing Residencies (one week to 12 week)
• Faculty Professional Development Workshops
• Storytelling Assemblies
• Family Evening Story Performances
• Parent Writing Workshops

TEST YOUR WRITING IQ: Try your writing savvy with this quick quiz.

1. It is important to start a story or expository essay by deciding what is going to happen. (T/F)
2. Story plot is more important than story characters for reader satisfaction. (T/F)
3. The goal of good writing is to get it right the first time. (T/F)
4. Detail and description mean essentially the same thing. (T/F)
5. Story action creates excitement, tension, and suspense. (T/F)
6. The best way to make student stories seem real is to have them write about real experiences. (T/F)
7. The plot of a story is what the story is about. (T/F)

If you answered “True” to any of these questions, it’s time for a Kendall Haven visit to your school.


All Kendall Haven programs deliver proven and practical information and the practical, user-friendly activities that ensure student master of Haven’s core concepts. A master storyteller, Haven makes every presentation (from assemblies to workshops) riveting and engaging as well as informative. Haven customizes his in-school programs to meet your specific needs and goals. Fast-paced, highly interactive, fun, and energizing, they are student-tested and proven to increase student writing success.


Learning to identify and create the Eight Essential Elements that define effective stories is the key to mastering all expository and narrative writing. Student writing assessment scores can be dramatically improved by learning to effectively create stories first, and other expository forms second. All expository writing is derived from the internal architecture of stories. Time spent mastering that architecture is time spent preparing for all forms of narrative writing.

Storytelling is at the core of human learning and communication. Recent research reaffirms that storytelling enhances analytical and organizational skills as well as all aspects of language arts development. Stories are a powerful and efficient vehicle for teaching. Students remember stories told to them. They also remember the information contained in those stories.

“This was the most valuable workshop my students have ever had,” -Linda Young, 4th grade teacher, Las Vegas, NV.

“Kendall Haven’s workshop has finally shown my students how to approach writing a story. All students should learn to write this way!” -Kris Watkins, elementary school teacher, Eagle, ID.

“The feedback on your workshops was tremendous. We have always loved your books; now we understand the magic behind them,” -Millie Lee, Author Chairperson, California Reading Association.

“The top West Coast storyteller,” -GRIT national magazine.

“Kendall Haven makes the complex subject of writing seem easy and fun. My students loved it and now love to write.” -Donna Barber, Principal, Elise Wolf Elementary School, Henderson, NV.

“The best set of writing workshops we’ve ever had. It definitely shows in our students’ writing and in their test scores.” -Dixie Bradshaw, Principal, Caughlin Ranch Elementary School, Reno, NV.

“My students loved your performance. Three said it was the most valuable hour of their entire year!” -Linda Wren, high school librarian, Dundalk, MD.

“It was wonderful. Haven inspired our entire school and turned us into a school of skilled and knowledgeable writers!” -Shree Ansley, Reading Specialist, Pine Street School, Spartanburg, SC.

“I learned more about storytelling from one hour of watching you than from two previous all-day workshops,” -Bill Block, language arts teacher, Boise, ID.

“Finally an approach to writing that makes sense to our students. Our students and teachers learned a tremendous amount and are using it every day in their writing.” -Nancy Miles, Librarian, Dexter Elementary School, Dexter, NM.


Kendall Haven’s fast-paced, empowering, and participatory professional development presentations arm teachers with a proven, powerful, practical, ready-to-use set of writing strategies, activities, and techniques to help master the development of effective narratives for all types of writing. Haven has presented at over 120 national, regional and state education-based conferences.

• Custom-Tailored In-Service Writing Workshops on All Aspects of Writing
• Individual Coaching and Writing Support
• District One-Hour to Multi-Day Workshops and Courses
• University-Based, Multiple-Unit Graduate-Level Continuing Education Courses
• Conference Presentations—Key Notes, Featured Presentations, Story Performances

“His (Haven’s) presentation was the best kick-off our conference has ever had. He’s great!” -Sandra McMichael, Chair 1998 and 1999 Florida Association of Media in Education

“Your sessions earned a better response from our members than any other session during my tenure as president.” -Thea Jones, President, Maryland Educational Media Organization

“Your presentation was the hit of the conference, the session everyone was talking about.” -Terrell Tracy, Chair, South Carolina Reading Conference

“You were the highlight of our entire conference. Everyone is still talking about your wonderful sessions.” -Susan Williams, Chair, Nevada State Reading Conference.

“Written evaluations from the 450 participants at this event ranked your performance as outstanding and many added comments about how your stories and information touched their lives. You strongly enhanced the literary quality of my conference.” -Dr. Bill Bingman, Chair, Frostburg State University Children’s Literature Conference, MD.

"A wonderful discovery for our state, an invaluable resource," -Carolyn Deffner, Chair, South Carolina Reading Council.

"The feedback on your session was tremendous. We have always loved your books; now we understand the magic behind them," -Millie Lee, Author Chairperson, California Reading Association.

"You are a superb presenter and a delightful addition to our conference. Your presentation was a high-water mark both for its energy and entertainment value and for the valuable writing concepts you shared,"-Dr. Jimmee Cook, Dean, University of South Carolina (USC) School of Education and Chair of the USC Literature Festival.

"Your excellent presentation enthralled our librarian audience. It is hard to believe you packed so much entertainment and information into one session," -Dr. David Loertscher, Professor of Library Science and Past President American Association of School Librarians.

"You got the highest rating of any presenter at our conference. Our members are buzzing to have you back again," -Paul Coleman, Chair, Colorado State Reading Conference.