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15 heart-pounding stories of encounters with major natural predators. Libraries Unlimited, 1998. Grades 4 & up. 170 Pages. $21.00

The sounds of an anaconda slithering along the steamy jungle floor in search of prey; a lion's breath rippling through the dry savannah grass as it crouches, waiting to spring; the frantic thrashing of a seal pup's tail as it recoils from the vicious attack of a tiger shark-these are part of the natural drama of the animal world and daily events when deadly predators come face to face with their prey. This book includes 15 exciting tales that are packed with accurate scientific information. Students will thrill to the dramatic, spine-tingling accounts of natural predators in the wild. As they read the stories, they will learn about many of the world's ecosystems from tropical rain forests to the Arctic tundra, from African watering holes to the Pacific reef, from Siberian forests to the Midwest prairie. Each story is followed by suggestions for research and other activities. References on predators and ecosystems are also listed.

"A great writing style as well as captivating content...Has a myriad of uses in the classroom...The stories are accurate, are colorful, and clearly demonstrate the interdependency of creatures of nature." -Science Books & Films

"A very clever and marvelous resource for educators." -Reviews from Parent Council

"A perfect reference not only for teachers introducing the concept of ecosystems but also for teachers who see great value in storytelling across the curriculum. Recommended." -The Book Report

"15 scientifically accurate tales about whales, sharks, piranhas, wolves, and other predators guaranteed to enthrall students." -Njea Review

"Besides high interest, these stories provide significant ties to science curriculum." -Teacher-librarian

"From cover to cover, this book will hold your attention. The text is fully explanatory and interesting...I highly recommend this book." -The Science Teacher

"It isn't often that I pick up a book to review and find a great writing style as well as captivating content. Each well-written story begins with information about the animal or insect and sets the stage for a short story of its struggle as a prey or a predator. The book has a myriad of uses in the classroom. The stories are accurate, are colorful, and clearly demonstrate the interdependency of creatures of nature. They are also 'kid friendly' and provide questions that almost compel one to think about bigger issues, such as the balance of nature or the order of the food chain. Every story has well-defined sequence and highlights cause-and-effect relationships. This book is an excellent resource for the classroom teacher."
- Featured in the Editor's Choice of Science Books and Films

"The author is an extraordinary storyteller and readers of all ages will appreciate this book. Students will be spellbound by these stories as teachers read them. What a unique way to teach science! Highly recommended for a scientific and literary audience."
-Appraisal: Science Books for Young People