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With coauthor MaryGay Ducey. A practical, no-nonsense guide for using your natural oral abilities to select, learn, and tell stories. Written for librarians, but universally applicable in its approach and concepts, the book includes sections on all major storytelling "extras" from flannel boards to costumes to audience participation. Libraries Unlimited, 2006. Adult, 119 Pages. $30.00

“Here is a short, easy-to-use guide, which can even be used as a text for storytelling classes. Highly recommended for teachers, teacher-librarians, and public librarians."-Teacher Librarian

"This is the most user-friendly handbook for librarians who seek the tools, resources, and the confidence to incorporate more storytelling into their programming....Haven and Ducey excel in giving the hand-holding, step-by-step encouragement needed by new tellers as they make the leap from reading aloud to telling.....An essential purchase."-School Library Journal