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Change the way your students write forever!

Detailed directions, student worksheets, and discussion guides for 77 proven, powerful in-class activities guaranteed to teach students how to create effective, gripping content for any style of assigned narrative writing from stories to persuasive essays, from personal narratives to expository assignments. Heinemann, 2004. Grades 3-8. 232 Pages. $36.00

"I loved it and so do my students! Writing has never been this easy."
Melissa Taylor, Writing Mentor Teacher, Palmyra, MO

"A great resource for our 4th and 5th grade teachers! It fills a gap in our teaching we've never been able to fill before."
Mary Murphy, Vice Principal, DeBarry, FL

"Real tools that make sense to my students. Their writing and enthusiasm for writing are both dramatically improving."
Candace Matlock, Middle School Teacher, Las Vegas, NV