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Great Moments in Science

A doubly powerful combination: readers theater scripts of great moments in the development of western science and detailed directions for experiments to duplicate the work of real scientists. A Storytelling World Silver Award winner. Libraries Unlimited, 1996.
Grade 4 & up. 227 Pages. $26.00

"This unusual approach to science is well worth trying with middle and primary to lower secondary students. Interested teachers could do no better than use this text for their initial efforts. The scripts are lively, the scientific concepts are developed clearly, and the characters are true to depictions in respected biographical sources. Haven's writing is always clear and stimulating. Highly recommended."
-Australian Library Review

"Highly Recommended."
-The Book Report

"This is an excellent resource for teachers and students. It is recommended as a highly motivational supplement to stimulate interest in learning science for students ages nine to fourteen."
-Appraisal: Science Books for Young People