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Fifty thrilling historically-accurate stories of the great moments in our science heritage. A Storytelling World Silver Award winner. Libraries Unlimited, 1996. Grade 3 & up. 238 Pages. $25.00

"Excellent lead-in and follow-up ideas. This is a good book. It is so useful, so teacher-friendly, so full of lesson-plan material that it would be a good addition to any school or class resource center/library."
-Appraisal: Science Books for Young People

"If you are looking for a creative way to enliven your school's science curriculum, this is the book for you. They are perfect for introducing or extending a specific science concept. Haven paints a well-balanced portrait of scientific discovery through the inclusion of men and women scientists from different cultures. A wonderful tool to inject new life and excitement into the study of science, this book is a winner." -School Library Journal