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Stepping Stones to Science

Fascinating true stories from the history of science and the detailed directions for science follow-on activities to demonstrate and support core science curriculum concepts. Libraries Unlimited, 1997.
Grades 2-5. 155 Pages. $24.50

"One of the Best Books for Children in 1998."
-Science Books and Films

"This very excellent book, designed for educators of elementary school children, should make the teaching of science fun for students and their teachers. The exciting format of this book revolves around fascinating stories of well known scientists and their discoveries. Physical sciences, biological sciences, and earth sciences are represented in the thirteen stories. Many kinds of easy-to-do activities and demonstrations are listed and carefully described to enable the educator to fully utilize the teachings in the story. Motivation and education will surely result from the use of this book. This will be a most useful and enjoyable resource for the educator teaching science to children at the second through fifth grade level."
-Colorado Libraries

"The stories engage the reader/listener through the use of dialogue and clear focus on just one vignette from each scientist's life. They are delightfully written and are accessible as stories told or read to students, or even read by the students themselves. Excellent support materials accompany each story. This is a must-have for schools and home educators, and a boon for storytellers who are looking for ways to help educators make use of storytelling across the curriculum. Highly recommended."
-The Second Story Review