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Write Right! Creative Writing Using Storytelling Techniques

A breakthrough system for teaching creative writing. Includes detailed directions for almost 40 classroom writing exercises. Libraries Unlimited, 1999.
All Levels. 240 Pages. $26.00

"Teachers and librarians who have been searching for an innovative way to teach creative writing to students in grades 1-12 need this book. Haven provides in-depth coverage of the problems students commonly have with writing (as both they and their teachers perceive them); a detailed realistic approach to creating stories; editing techniques; and 38 well-planned classroom activities to teach all levels of students how to write creatively. Excellent cross-references in the index add to the usefulness of this title. Highly Recommended."
-Book Report

"The author approaches this difficult subject with the mind of a storyteller and describes step-by-step how to better instruct students in the creative writing process. Each classroom activity includes key concepts to be taught, appropriate grade levels, required time, goals, options and variations, and teaching points to emphasize. This is a title you won't want to miss. Highly Recommended."
-Library Talk